Monday, 8 November 2010

TechEd 2010 Keynote - Random notes from Day-1

It was a return to form for the TechEd Keynote this year. On my way in I heard stories about previous keynotes which didn't hit the mark, but this year Brad Anderson delivered some announcements, impact and demos that did the job for me! TechEd Europe is home to 6000 delegates for the week and it's a sold out event.

The keynote focus was on the "Long-term journey" - the long-term change towards platform as a service, via SAAS (software) and IAAS (infrastructure) and the sweeping change - marrying rich devices and the cloud. Ok, so it's a promo for Windows Phone… available in Europe already, in the US today, through 9 devices and 60 carriers in 30 countries.
Microsoft are clearly pushing the application channel here - there have been 30 million downloads for the SDK to date, 50% of these are from Europe - leading the way in app development.

So, the key announcements - Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 - now with RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory, and news on how these apply to VDI.

RemoteFX virtualises the graphics CPU (server-side GPU) and enables VDI solutions to be presented & displayed in the same way as a local desktop - full fidelity HD, Aero Glass etc. Citrix have integrated these features into ZenDesktop too btw.
Dynamic memory - 40% improvement in density for VDI. Brad made the claim, "we will have the highest density of VDI sessions in the market"
SP1 is due to release in Q1-2011… that's a move on from November as previously thought.

Office 365 demo - a tidy Control Panel demo by Dave Anderson, and it's clean looking Control Panel btw, to create an extranet SharePoint online site. It's nothing that hosting companies haven't been doing for many years and no cool features were shown really, but it may have been the first time that many IT pros in the audience had seen a web-based control panel for managing online services.

#TEE10 announcement: ForeFront Endpoint Protection 2010 - RC available today. Fully integrated into System Center for centralised management - one interface, one toolset, one set of management servers.

Infrastructure as a Service was up next and Brad made perhaps the biggest announcement of the keynote with news of a new solution to enable the rapid deployment of private cloud solutions with Hyper-V Cloud
This is a set of reference architectures and fast-track deployment programmes with 6 key vendors - HP, Dell etc. There were a couple of key vendors missing from the list, but that's no surprise really given another cloud alliance that's going on at the moment!
HP and Microsoft are partnering: Cloud Foundation - HP Blades, System Centre and Hyper-V Cloud.
See for lots more on the Hyper-V Cloud solutions

The final announcement really was left for System Center and we saw (VMM) Virtual Machine Manager 2012 CTP. A super-cool demo (described as "insane!" by some) of the Virtual Machine Planner showed a 3-tier production cloud deployment using drag and drop service templates - backend DB, mid-tier, web application layer (load-balanced etc.) capacity and capability profiles were used to show resource sharing and management using System Center. Self-service management was shown to deploy apps into the Hyper-V Cloud that was just created. Very cool and due for release in H1-2011.

All in all there are a number of good solutions and key technology releases being shown at TechEd Europe this week, but private cloud, virtualisation and systems management seem to be the key themes.


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  1. Dan, Thanks for the nice review. I just wanted to clarify that System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 is not slated for release in H1 2011. We have publicly stated "generally available to the public in H2 2011". Just wanted to let you know. Also, we didn't release a CTP of VMM 2012 at TechEd Europe, we were just showing a preview, a demo.

    Thank you for the great blog.

    Kenon Owens
    System Center Technical Product Manager