Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Virtualisation simplified: VMware Go

VMware GO was introduced early in 2010 to provide small/medium businesses with an easy way into virtualisation. VMware GO, or to give it it's full name – VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) is a simplified solution for the installation and configuration of the leading ESXi hypervisor.

VMware Go has a simple 3-stage approach to simplifying virtualization–

  1. Initial ESXi setup through a web-based setup wizard
  2. VM (virtual machine) creation which guides you through the installation and setup process, including checking hardware compatibility
  3. Management of ESXi & VMs. VMware Go gives users a simplified management console for the virtual environment including centralised monitoring for performance & resource utilisation, and patch scan for monitoring and updating both ESXi and VMs

Now, VMware have announced new features for VMware Go;

  • VMware Go now supports the seamless migration (move) of VMware Server Virtual Machines (VMs) to their flagship ESXi product for improved scalability and high-availability.
  • A new Collective Intelligence Guide collects real-world usage data from thousands of VMware Go deployments and makes recommendations for virtualisation best practices and configuration insights.
  • Reporting is improved with dashboards. Combined with Collective Intelligence data, these show data from the VMware community such as average number of VMs per ESXi server, common hardware types for running ESXi, commonly deployed virtual appliances etc.

Best of all – it's free!



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