Thursday, 13 May 2010

Some things I want to do (as a Service Provider)

  1. Join Microsoft's BizSpark programme
    I looked at this when it launched in Nov 2008 and it didn't fit with Cobweb at the time. I hadn't realised the programme was still open to new hosting partners… for some reason I thought it was closed. I heard some good success stories with BizSpark at the Hosting Summit from real-world people on the ground, as opposed to the case study/keynote success stories.
  2. Join the Microsoft WebsiteSpark programme. Ditto, as above, but to attract ISV and webdev partners
  3. Run Wordpress on Windows Server. I think there's a need for this in our customer/partner space.
  4. Partner with a traditional IT support provider to move them from on-premise IT desktop support and into the cloud… Windows InTune: for Cloud-based PC management
Tell me, these are good things to do?

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