Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cobweb Enterprise Services launches “Enterprise Ready” cloud computing services

Cobweb Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of a new division of the business; Cobweb Enterprise Services.   Building upon over 10 years of application hosting experience, Cobweb Enterprise Services will leverage the considerable technical expertise held within Cobweb, coupled with cloud computing platforms from the world's leading technology vendors, to address the needs of Enterprise customers.

Paul Hannam, Cobweb CEO, has led this transformation of the business in direct response to market demand.  During the last 6 months the hosting market has seen a tremendous amount of change. There has been a convergence of a number of disparate factors contributing to a "tipping point" in the decision making process affecting whether Enterprises stay with On-Premise solutions or whether they embrace the Cloud. These factors include technology advances, economic shifts and also market awareness led by the major players such as Microsoft and Google.  Paul stated "My vision for Cobweb is to build upon our leading position in the hosting space and to do this we need to adapt and respond to the opportunities that are now being presented".  

Interestingly, Cobweb is seeing early signs of the market broadly changing in line with Gartner predictions. Gartner predicted that Enterprise businesses would want to use a mixture of architectural solutions that included cloud-enabled services and virtualisation.  Whilst Cobweb believe Gartner's prediction, that by 2012, 20 percent of businesses will own no IT assets is a little ambitious, they acknowledge that the market is moving rapidly in this direction.

Cobweb Enterprise Services has been created to meet this demand and bring the flexibility of Cloud computing to the real-world with a combination of shared and dedicated Cloud Services.   A series of "Enterprise Ready" services have been developed based on Cobweb's long-standing partnerships with Microsoft, EMC & VMware.

Dan Germain, Cobweb CTO, who is heading up Cobweb Enterprise Services, explains the background;   "Cloud Computing claims to offer access to quick, easy, flexible computing power.  Through one-to-one research with our enterprise customers we found the reality to be very different however.  The reality is that complex requirements and data-security needs turn cloud-computing endeavours into long, drawn out projects with unwelcome cost and barriers along the way.  The majority of Enterprise organisations want to adopt Cloud Computing solutions but do not know the best way to start."   He continues, "We found a need to build solutions that delivered real-world benefits to help Enterprise CIOs achieve their IT strategies.  We call these Cloud-based services 'Enterprise Ready'."

Paul Hannam, Cobweb CEO, commented "We wanted to simplify the challenges of applying the latest technology and software advances to an Enterprise IT environment.  By developing our Enterprise Ready services, we've done this and have made it easier for organisations to benefit from Cloud Computing." He continues "The technology market is an exciting place to be at the moment and I am pleased that Cobweb is able to support the new demand in this area for both new and existing customers."

The range of services available from Cobweb Enterprise Services, on a subscription basis, includes;
  • Resource Cloud - Dedicated VPS servers, VM Resource Pools, Storage as a Service
  • Application Cloud – SharePoint 2010, Hosted Dynamics CRM, Email Encryption solutions
  • Connected Cloud – with Active Directory integration to on-premise systems, including Dedicated solutions for Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Native Cloud – Critical Application and Web Hosting, ISV platform hosting
To find out more about Cobweb Enterprise Services and learn how Enterprise Ready cloud computing can help your organisation, visit www.cobweb.com/enterprise

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