Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Five things a Service Provider *must* do

A Service Provider must;

  1. Have credibility as a technology partner
  2. Directly satisfy information security concerns and provide evidence through accreditations
  3. Clearly demonstrate a lower total cost of ownership than traditional IT models
  4. Take ownership and accountability for delivery and risk through irrefutable SLAs and contracts
  5. Develop customer relationships, seek to understand their needs and never forget that
    the solution must fit the customer requirement no matter how it is delivered!

I believe this gives organisations a reason to change.



  1. Hi Dan

    I've been incredibly focused on this space for a while, and enjoy reading your comments.

    I am coming around to the perspective that the singular statement here might be "service providers must offer services that are better than what IT can do themselves". Better includes cheaper, faster, secure, managed, etc.


  2. Yes i'm agreeing with that. I just wonder if "better" is the right word here, but i know exactly what you're saying.
    Thanks for following!